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Choosing a Hotel

Hotel El Minza still classy today.

Hotel El Minza still classy today.

Tangier and the Tangier-Tetouan region offer many great hotels for a fair price.  The region also offers a lot of horrible hotels for a large price.  The best way to go about choosing hotels is reviewing the prices and guest reviews from booking.com.  The area is always changing, every time I visit.

There are always new hotels being built and others changing management.  Unlike tripadvisor the rating is based upon a questionnaire that consists of different aspects , which results in a calculated score.  Also unlike tripadvisor the reviewer needed to complete the stay in the hotel.  This rids the fake reviews pumping up the score.  It also eliminates the possibility of one minor problem, causing a guest to leave a 1 star review. Booking also has access to all the small riads.


Location is key especially if you do not have a car.  Keep in mind a riad, hotel, house, in the medina will not be accessible by car.  You will need to venture through the Medina.  This is not recommended at night.  Any hotel near the beach front usually has a parking lot. The City Center and Marshan are the safest parts of the city.  Malbata is nice during the day, but we do not recommend walking inland there at night.  The most prestigious area of Tangier is named California, which has all the villas and estates.  The kings summer palace is also located in this area.


I stayed at a 4 star the first time I was in Tangier and was horrified.  Looking back, the hotel is now one of the worst reviews on booking.com.  I put my trust in booking.com for hotel reviews more than any other.   Booking.com has been accurate everywhere I have stayed, from the Californian desert to Chefchaouen.  Tangier it’s spot on.


View from my Balcony in Chefchaouen Hôtel Koutoubia

Some important key features to consider specifically for Tangier hotel reviews are:

*Strength of the Wifi signal

*Breakfast included or not

*What languages are spoken (I’ve stayed in some hotels that only spoke French)

*Can you pay with credit cards


*Air conditioning (only if booking during the summer)

*Is the area safe after sundown.  (all medinas in the region except Chefchaouen and Asilah are dangerous after dark)

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