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What to wear

Yves Saint Laurent in a Moroccan Garden

Yves Saint Laurent in Tangier

One must note, the best designer in modern times, grew up, lived, and was inspired greatly by Tangier.  That man is Yves Saint Laurent.  With that said. How should I dress?

How should I dress? is a common question most ask when traveling to Morocco.  Americans are notorious for making themselves look clueless overseas.

I spoke with a girl who said she felt that the people of Tangier were not friendly towards her and she “wore a Hijab”.  So I asked her, “What else were you wearing?”  She replied “a tank top, jeans, and headscarf”.  This is a cultural oxymoron.  It doesn’t make sense.  The point is to be modest wearing a hijab.  It seems as if one is mocking the culture, but in a confused way.

If one dresses Islamic please do it 100%.

Keep in mind Moroccans are aware.  Moroccans can see skin color, but do not judge. Tangier locals understand all cultures and have accepted westerners since Morocco recognized the United States.  This is what makes the country special.  If one wears a “Djellaba” as a woman that will allow a woman to be treated with respect.

For Women:


  1. Clothing that covers the legs
  2. Clothing that covers the shoulders
  3. Dark Sun glasses
  4. Tee shirts and polo shirts are ok
  5. Flats
  6. Focus on well draped clothing rather than tight fitting

Do not Wear:

  1. Skirts
  2. Halter tops, tube tops, or any top that exposes the shoulders
  3. Heels
  4. Tight fitting clothing
  5. Shirts that expose the bust
  6. Ripped denim

For Men

Try not to dress like a backpacker,  it makes you a target.  There are taxis everywhere,  get a suitcase with good wheels.  For men,just bring a decent collared shirt, some pants, and some non white tennis shoes, dark glasses, and you will blend in just fine.  A nice pair of boots if possible.

Remember these few things, it will make the difference on how you are treated in Morocco.

1. No shorts (also it’s better to avoid bugs)

2. No to wearing tennis white shoes (it shows one is American)

3. Get a nice messenger bag.  (backpacks make one look like a “backpacker” )

4. Dark sunglasses are good for avoiding hustlers

5.  Collared button up shirts, long sleeve are the standard for most Moroccan adult males.

6. Avoid trainers if possible.

7.  See  “Yves” above for a nice example.

8. Wearing “vintage” doesn’t equate to hip, in Moroccan culture.  It equates to poor.

9. Men wearing Djellabas will be considered odd if they are not living in an Islamic way.

A Djella *source wikipedia

A Djella for sale *source wikipedia

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