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Language in Morocco

Talking Business

Talking Business

All Moroccans in any mid to large city all speak Moroccan Arabic.   Just a little bit of Moroccan Arabic will take you further than knowing French in France!

In the cities 1/2 of Moroccans speak French, along with the government officials. More recently the younger generation is starting to learn English, due to its popularity as an international language.  It is now required for Moroccans to learn English in order to obtain a masters degree.  Morocco will more an likely speak more English in 15 years than French.

In the mountain villages Moroccans still speak Berber.

If one has trouble speaking Berber, Arabic, or French and need translation assistance, Ali is available to help translate.  Please see the contact page.


SALAM – Hello
SHUKRAN – Thank you
NANM or AH (Moroccan Slang) – Yes
LA – No
Morocco language Darija Basic Phrases

Hello: Labass / Salam
Hotel: Hotel
House: Dar
How are you? Kayfa Halouk
How much? Beshehale
How old are you? Shehale Fe Omerek
I am American: Ana Mericani
I am sick: Ana Meridd
I am tired: Yeane
Is the location far? Wash lblassa beaida
Lunch: Ghda
Market: Souk
Money: Flooss
My Name is Sam: Esemi Sam
Please: Min Fadlek
Tea: Atay
Thank you: Shoukran
Tomorrow: Gheda
Water: Lmaa
What is your name? Ashnou Esemouk
What time is it? Shehale Fe Saea
Where is the police station? Fenn station dial police
Where is the train station? Fen a Howa Tran


How are you /Keef dayer?
I am good/koulshi labas

What’s your name?/Ashno smytek?
My name is Syndey/Smyti Syndey

How old are you?/Shehaal fe Omrek?
I am 24 years old/Eendi 24 Eame

Where are you from?/Mnine neta? Or Mnine neti?
I am from Los Angeles,/Ana men medina Los Angeles

What do you do in Los Angeles?/Ash Kader fe Maimi? Or Ash Kaderi fe Los Angeles
I am a journalist/ Ana khddam sahafi or Ana Khaddama sahafia

How long are you staying here?/Shehaal neta henaya?
12 days/Tenash leyoum

Did you see the city?/Shefti le medina?
Yes, most of it/Ah, sheft bezaff

Did you like it?/Aar gebatek ?
Yes/gebateni meziane

I have to go/Ana ghadi nemeshi?

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