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How not to get Huslted

Tangier Medina know for it's Huslters

Tangier Medina know for it’s Huslters

1. Understand the cost of living is the cost of living in the United States divided by 7.

2. If you are good friends with someone, Moroccans do not refer to you as “my friend”, they refer to friends as “brothers” similar to Islam.

3. Understand if you look for trouble you will definitely find it.

4. When shopping for anything understand that haggling is part of the culture and not considered rude.  They offer a price, you offer a 1/3rd and you usually end up paying 1/2.

5. Morocco is not like Europe where everyone is on a salary or  a full time job. A lot of Moroccans make a living strictly off commission and bringing in business.  It’s a day to day lifestyle so if anyone does you a service like show you directions just know you will need to pay either in buying something from the shop or paying the “guide” a commission.

6. Dark sunglasses work well to avoid touts.

7. Try to use a credit card, not debit card for any deposit or hold for a hotel or rental car.

8. When using a credit card machine have them manually enter in CC numbers, as most CC machines reject the card when read with the magnetic strip.  Also this avoids the possibility of card skimmers.

9. Learn a few basic words in Arabic.

10. Avoid white shoes, fanny packs, and backpacks.

11. Avoid walking in tour groups.

12. Don’t look nervous

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