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Villa Josephine | The Villa of the real “Indiana Jones”

Pool for guests of Villa Jospehine

Pool for guests of Villa Josephine

Villa Josephine was built in the 1920s by Walter Burton Harris, the famous columnist for the London Times, who’s life inspired the character “Indiana Jones”. In 1887 he accompanied a British diplomatic mission to Morocco and settled in Tangier at the age of 19.  Fluent in French, Spanish, and Moroccan Arabic, along with looking Moroccan, Harris was able to travel to areas of Morocco unknown to Europeans at the time.  Harris played a large role in the diplomacy of Morocco throughout his life.  Harris also helped promote the modernization of Morocco at the beginning of the 20th century.  He died in 1933 and his body was buried at the Church of Saint Andrews in Tangier.

View of the Strait of Gibraltar

View of the Strait of Gibraltar

Neither Dar or Riad, Villa Josephine’s Mauritian appearance offers balcony views of the Strait of Gibraltar.  With a taste the French Rivera Villa Josephine is a unique guesthouse in Morocco.

Walter Burton Harris

Walter Burton Harris

Following Harris’s residence, it was home to the Duke of Tovar, a Spanish grandee, who after having led a lavish lifestyle, lost all his money in conditions remaining mysterious to this day. Next it was the last summer residence of Glaoui, Pasha of Marrakech. Villa Josephine remains one of the most spectacular and prestigious properties in Tangier.

The "Harris" Bar

The “Harris” Bar

Today Villa Josephine serves as a luxury guest house, with a bar and fine dining restaurant.  It continues it’s tradition of A-list clientele in the 21st century. Villa Josephine’s perfectly manicured gardens and  spectacular swimming pool, offer unparalleled privacy, beauty, and tranquility. The Villa offers 10 rooms, all with a terrace or balcony, and some with a sea view.   Rooms range from about $300-$800 a night. Rooms and dinner reservations can be booked at

Room 105

Room 105

Gardens at Villa Jospehine

Gardens at Villa Josephine

Villa Josephine is located  in Tangier’s most prestigious neighborhood “Vielle Montagne” 10 minutes from Place du Grand Socco and the Kasbah.

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