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About Us

Hercules Cave

Hercules Cave

TangierTourism.org is an informational site aimed at educating Americans, Brits, Canadians, and other English speakers about an unknown gem in the world we know as Morocco, particularly Tangier and Mediterranean Morocco.  The site created by American travelers and Moroccan locals out of the love of Morocco and Moroccan people.  TangierTourism.org offers a unique view into Morocco unlike any other site due it’s contributors who go the distance to understand the locals and local culture.

This site will not send you on guided tours of rug factories, in big buses full of  loud Westerners in white tennis shoes and fanny packs.  This site also focuses deeper than the standard attractions listed, by focusing on experiences that will give the traveler more than just a photograph in the medina.   TangierTourism.org is always an ongoing project and will continue to spread the message of the most peaceful and tolerant Kingdom in the Arab world.

About the author:

Randall is from Los Angeles, California.   After years of studying and traveling all through Europe he accidentally came across Morocco in 2007 and fell in love with the country.  After that trip Europe has only been a place to change planes. Ever since he has been traveling back and fourth. In late 2007 he decided to build this site to spread his interest of Tangier and Mediterranean Morocco to the West.  He is currently resides in Los Angeles, but is also planning on residing in Tangier.

Please feel free to post all discussions on our facebook page or contact us.

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