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Tangier From the MedinaTangier From the Medina rooftop.

Welcome to the “new” Tangiertourism.org.  Tangiertourism.org is based upon the common love of Tangier and the Tangier Tetuoan region of Morocco.  The views and information on this site are a collaboration from tourists and locals to give a truly honest view of the city we love so much.  Other travel sites are based upon paid tours and paid advertisements from travel companies.  Any world traveler knows the best way to experience any place is with local knowledge, rather than knowledge based a preset tour which separates a tourist from the locals.  Here we focus on the truth and encourage visitors to discover their “own” Tangier, rather than a Tangier from a tour company.  Tangier changes faster than most and Tangiertourism.org will be changing with it. 

Thanks & Shukran
Randall & Sidi Ali

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